How should I respond to a lead?

Studies have shown that responses are many times more effective if they come within the first 10 minutes of a lead. It makes sense really – you know the potential buyer is thinking about property when they make the enquiry, plus they are likely to be available to talk further. Hit them while they’re hot!!

Also, never rely solely on email. Remember that the client has filled out a form on a website – they have not sent you an email directly. This means that your email address won’t be recognised by their email system, so there’s a higher than normal chance that your email response to their enquiry will go to their junk folder. By all means send an email as a first response if you are more comfortable that way, but don’t be surprised if you never hear anything further.

It’s much better to email and then call immediately to make sure they’ve received the email and know to look in their junk folder if they don’t see your response. Or alternatively just get straight on the phone and start selling!

Posted in: Managing Leads