How many people will see my property?

It’s impossible to say how many people will see your property.

Although we publish details on how many visitors come to each site in our network, that does not mean every single one of those visitors will see your property. Different visitors have different entry and exit points from the site and therefore may not see your property.

If yours is one of hundreds in a specific location, a visitor may have to scroll though many pages in order to find your listing, depending on the search parameters and filters that they use. That’s why it’s important to make sure you correctly fill out the details for your property, to ensure it shows up in any matching searches.

To maximise the number of people that see your property, it’s also a good idea to consider a featured property upgrade to increase the number of website visitors who are presented with your listing, as well as social media upgrades on Facebook, YouTube, Adwords and Twitter, in order to reach more people on those platforms.

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