How do I create a great quality video?

Follow these instructions:

Property Name: The name will be used in the video sitemap and therefore will have a big impact on search engine and YouTube optimization. Use something that’s descriptive and that makes use of the type of the property, such as “2 bed villa in Marbella for sale” or “Cheap holiday apartment in Tenerife” or “Discounted luxury Florida condo” etc.

Key Features: The first 6 Key Features for the property are used in the video, so make sure they are descriptive, punchy and do a good job of selling the property.

Map References: Part of the video is a layered zoom into the country, region, area and locality of the property using Google Maps. This requires the latitude / longitude of the property to be stored in Lead Galaxy, which can be found using the embedded map.

Number of Images: We’d suggest using at least 10 images and if you have good quality ones, there is no reason not to use as many as 20 or even 30, which is the maximum.

Image Sizes: The maximum size of the images has been changed to 800 x 600 pixels, so that images can be panned and scrolled in the video without losing quality when shown in the 500 x 375 pixel viewing screen. Images are now also being stored at a higher jpeg quality.

Image Tags: Tags are used to help tell the story of the property by sequencing the images. Each image can be classed as Local Area, External, or Internal and the images are sewn together in groups of that order. If no tags are used, the images are classed as “general” and shown in a random order.

Image Descriptions: Subject to a maximum of 36 characters including spaces, a short description for each image can be added, which is overlaid at the top of the screen in the final video. These help give more information to the viewer by describing the images used.

Main Image: Ensure that the best image is selected, as this is used to create the video thumbnail of the property, so will be the first thing a viewer sees – it may make the difference as to whether a potential buyer actually watches the video.

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